Readings will be available three weeks in advance of each class meeting, with the exception of assigned readings in books you have purchased for the course.

A total of forty sessions of individual consultation* with a member of The WTCI faculty are required for graduation. Students will have the opportunity to work with two different faculty members, and must successfully complete twenty consecutive weeks of consultation with one faculty member before being assigned to a second faculty member. Education consultation may be focused in one of two ways: The Clinical Track or The Applied Track. Students must determine their track preference no later then October of the first year. Students on the Applied Track must submit a preliminary project proposal in writing to their consultant by December of the first year. Students on the Clinical Track must submit a minimum of 10 process recordings to their educational consultant per twenty-week cycle. Students who fail to submit proposals or process recordings will not be eligible for graduation/certificate. The final project for students on the Applied Track must be completed and emailed to your educational consultant and the co-directors, and submitted in hard copy, prior to the final class for you to receive your certificate.

*The distinction between supervision and consultation is an important one. Clinical supervisors are legally responsible for the actions of their supervisees. Thus, clinical supervisors can insist on a course of action, review files, etc. They are expected to document their supervision because they have a fiduciary responsibility and are vicariously liable for the actions of their supervisees. In contrast, consultants are not responsible for the work of those for whom they consult. Information sharing is voluntary, and the consultee can choose to implement the suggestions or not. Documentation of the consultation is not required, and the consultant does not have a fiduciary responsibility, nor any liability.

Students will be given time in class to evaluate faculty during Colloquium meetings (approx. every 10-12 weeks) using an evaluation form provided. Faculty will also be completing evaluation forms on students after each teaching module; these forms will be a part of the student’s file.

The WTCI is committed to the ideal of resolving conflicts collegially. The grievance process must be initiated within thirty days of the incident. It is first addressed in informal discussion between the immediate parties in the dispute. If this discussion fails to produce a resolution, the student may seek the advice and assistance of their educational consultant, or another member of the faculty. If this does not produce a resolution, the co- directors will review the matter promptly in a manner deemed appropriate to the case and will report any recommendations to the parties. The co-directors reserve the right to dismiss a student who is unable to abide by the professional ethics and standards of their profession or who are unable to abide by program policies and procedures.